Candyce Keelan

Te Aitanga ā Materoa NGĀTI POROU

"Hoki mai tatau ki Whareponga,kia anga whakarunga ai ki te tihi o Hikurangi,kia noho i te ata o Kokai maunga.

Kia rongo i te ripo o te awa o Hotohoto , Kia piri ki te ha o Te Aitanga ā Materoa.”
Return home to Whareponga. To face up to the top of Hikurangi, to sit in the shadow of Kokai.
To hear the swirling of the hotohoto, and to stick to the breath of Te Aitanga ā Materoa.
To be inspired and nurtured by my loved ones.
Ko Ngāti Porou te Iwi


"Kaitiakitanga," or "Guardianship," has empowered me to guide and nurture the next generation in embracing our Māori identity and defining the moral principles and beliefs of "Tikanga" through the lens of Mātauranga Māori. I view the ritual of encounter in a whare wananga essence platform as a foundation, where a storyboard of historical events (purakau) fosters a sense of belonging. This process is further reinforced using natural artistic elements.
As a Māori contemporary artist and educator, my aim is to innovate new art forms using diverse mediums to achieve originality in my designs. Inspired by Pablo Picasso, the pioneer of Cubism, I explore the abstract approach of reassembling subject matter, which serves as a platform for me to express narratives using natural and acrylic materials, native wood, sand, and perspex. These elements come together to portray a unique perspective on what holds meaning and a sense of belonging. I seek to convey a vigilant sense of protection, symbolized by the watchful eye of the ruru (owl), offering cultural insights into how I envision my art form. With a definitive passion for engaging the new generation, my focus is on collaboration, effective teaching, and learning, and sharing my natural talents in the arts.
The opportunities I have had have allowed me to participate and collaborate with renowned international artists at both national and international level. I have also been involved in major commissions, which have helped establish valuable networks. Through these experiences, I aim to highlight my perspective of sharing my cultural values and principles as an art form to a much wider audience.